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Package 1 – 400 Watt Panel Full Kit


400watt monocrystalline solar panel

2 150Ah batteries

1000Watt Inverter Hybrid

4 LED powered bulbs


Ksh. 137,000/-

Package 2 – 800 Watt Panel Full Kit


800watt monocrystalline solar panel

2x 200Ah batteries

1Kva Watt Inverter Hybrid

5 LED powered bulbs

Ksh. 273,000/-

Package 3 – 2KW Solar Backup System Full Kit (24Hrs)


2000Watt monocrystalline solar panel kit (8x 380Watt panels)

8x 200Ah batteries

2Kva  Inverter Hybrid

10 LED powered bulbs

Surge Controller

AVS Changeover switch

Quarterly maintenance

Ksh. 620,200/-

RGB Rythm Solar Flood Lights


60 Watt  – Ksh. 6,100/-

100 Watt – Ksh. 7,950/-

200 Watt – Ksh. 10,500/-

300 Watt – Ksh. 12,000/-

500 Watt – Ksh. 15,000/-

800 Watt – Ksh. 18,000/-

Solar Water Pump 

180watt –  ksh. 28,000/-

270watt – Ksh. 29,300/-

500watt –  ksh. 30,500/-

1100watt –  ksh. 52,000/-

1500watt – ksh. 78,000/-

2200watt – ksh 123,000/-

3000watt – ksh 129,500.

Super Charge Solar Floodlight 


[Battery] LiFePO4 20000mAH

[Solar panel] 6V/20W A-level polycrystalline silicone high-brightness LED

[Charging Time] 6-8 hours

[Discharge time] 18-24 hours

[install height] 5-8m

[Warranty] 3 Years.

50watt –  ksh 4,500/-

100watt – ksh 7,500/-

300watt – ksh 9,500/-

500watt – ksh 11,500/-

Solar Garden Lights 

3W Solar Garden lights ksh. 3,500/-


3W Solar wall light / Double color

[Battery] LiFePO4 1800mAH

[Solar panel] 5V/3W A-level polycrystalline silicon

[LED QTY’] 36 PCS 2835 high-brightness LED

[Charging Time] 4-6 hours

[Discharge time] 10-12 hours

[Warranty] 3 Years

Portable LED solar home system (off-grid)

This LED solar home system is an off-grid solar generator designed to provide stable and reliable power to homes and communities or areas without access to grid power.
In case of power failure or travel needs, it can provide power for your appliances or digital products. Support DC output. USB output, AC output. it’s a portable solar power system which is reliable energy source for many applications such as lighting, radios, fans, TVs, computers, refrigerators. The USB port is compatible with all 5V-USB charging devices.

500watt system 45,000
1000watt system ksh 58,000

Please note:

Prices quoted above are NOT inclusive of delivery and installation charges. These charges depend on site/home location and installation area.

This are not final quotes, but an estimated cost approximated from our average client base. A site visit will enable us give a more specific quote according to your needs. Costs may be lower for smaller homes, and higher for larger homes. We provide FREE Consultation.

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